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Sex education in the philippines essay

It is estimated that 3,000 Filipino babies are born every day, 100,000 every month, or one million a year to round up the figures” Raising awareness on the dismal effects of early parenting which is what sex education provides is the key to understand the effects of unguided choices and decisions because its goal is not only to educate people on safe sex but also to raise. We can avoid the health risk behaviors such as early sexual initiation. Because also of the sex education we can prevent the dating violence and bullying. The youth will develop healthier relationships and we can reduce early pregnancy, HIV and other STD. In the end, because of the lack of sex education in Philippines many problems occurred. In the Philippines, sex education is still a hot debate on whether it will be implemented or not. It was opposed by some religious groups, who claimed that sex education encourages teenagers to be sexually active and they will be immoral. Philippines is a Catholic country, the center of Christianity in Asia. Sex education in high schools helps young people to be more prepared for life changes such as puberty, menopause and aging.

Sex education can develop skills and self-esteem to help students enter adolescence. It helps them in knowing that the sudden few changes are okay and normal. Young people can also learn to appreciate and recognize their. The Department of Education states that Philippine sex education, aims to make individuals, especially the Filipino youth, to be well informed on their choices and make conscious decisions regarding their personal safety. Sex education should be freed from the stigma that it causes the youth to engage in sexual activities, which is regarded as. Importance Of Sex Education In The Philippines | Sex Education In Schools, Essay Sample - EssayBasics Sex Education In The Philippines - 1039 Words | Internet Sex Education Essay: Argumentative Essay Sample – Blog Sex Education campaign sparks the widespread topic in the Philippines to be included in the secondary K-12 curriculum. It is believed that the absence of sex education in the secondary education K-12 curriculum will be a possible reason of many health and social hazards, such as unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases or STDs for the young learners or. Today, under the Republic Health Law of the Philippine­s, sex education was included in the curriculum of primary and secondary education. This action is primarily to give awareness to the problem with early pregnancie­s and other issues concerning sexual activities. While sex education should be introduced in schools, it is also critical that parents educate their children about sex before school even begins. Therefore, sex education should be introduced to children at the earliest age, providing children with information which corresponds to their needs at a certain age. In addition, sex education at schools should be introduced as. Likewise, sex education is essential for students to get information, form values, beliefs, as well as attitudes around identity, intimacy, and relationships. May Prevent Teenage Pregnancy as well as Sexually Transmitted Diseases Teaching kids the fundamentals of sexual activity may assist prevent unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy, and STDs. Effective sex education results to reduction in risky sexual behavior and avoids negative effects that arise from misconception.

According to Sharma (18), sex education yields to the prevention of sexual problems such as STDs and assists one in choosing the right partner. Conclusion. Sex education is very important for everyone.

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Sex education in the philippines essay

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